Enrolment Scheme

King’s High School is a state funded boys’ secondary school located in South Dunedin. We have experienced significant growth in the last five years due to exceptional educational achievement and strong confidence in the school. Our primary focus is to Build Men for Life; this is firmly underpinned by our unyielding expectation of personal excellence from all boys at all times.  To support this focus, we have an obligation to provide a sound and well balanced education which will prepare our young men for life.  Diversity is a strength and we warmly welcome applications from all young men regardless of their geographical location.

The existing Enrolment Scheme was formally adopted by the Board of Trustees on Wednesday 25th May 2016.

Out of Zone applications

We currently take boys from all over Dunedin and beyond without impediment.

Applications from outside the school Home-zone are prioritised as follows:

  1. First priority is given to an applicant who has a brother currently enrolled at King's
  2. Second priority is given to an applicant who has a brother who is a former King's student
  3. Third priority is given to an applicant whose father is a former King's student
  4. Fourth priority is given to an applicant who has a parent who is employed by King's or is a current board member
  5. Fifth priority is given to all other applicants.

In the unlikely event that the number of applicants exceed the number of available spaces then selection within the group must be by ballot.  Below are the dates for 2023.

Closing date for all applications -  27th October
Ballot Held (only if necessary) -  30th October
Last date for notification to parents - 1st November
Last day for parents to accept Home-zone and Out of zone place - 8th November


Successful applicants will be notified (via email) by the last date for notification.

Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified via email by the last notification date, however places may still be offered after this date and up to the beginning of the following academic year as Home-zone enrolments are confirmed.  If your application is unsuccessful you may appeal the Board’s decision by asking the Ministry of Education to direct the Board of Trustees to enrol your son.  Application forms are available from the Ministry’s local office.

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