School Philosophy

Our Vision

Our primary purpose and intent is to Build Men for Life. We assist our young men in their preparation for life beyond school by setting one key objective for them to aspire to and realize and that is Personal Excellence.  This means in simple terms that we encourage and drive individual students to be their best in all aspects of school and life.

2021 2023 Strategic Plan values Graphic centre

Our Values

A distinguishing part of the school is our significant focus on Values or Character Education.  The focus on character and being a ‘good man’ is an essential ingredient in the personal development of our students.  There are programmes run throughout the school as part of the King’s Men Society that actively teach and encourage the core school values.  Our values include:

  • Excellence we will strive for personal excellence (to do and be our best) in all that we do.
  • Respect for self, for others and for the environment.
  • Integrity in how we lead our lives.
  • Fairness in our dealings with others.
  • Responsibility for our own actions individually and collectively.
  • Participation in all elements of school life.
  • Compassion for and Understanding of Difference 

Our Charter

The School Charter and Annual Plan is established to ensure students will attain personal excellence (be the best that they can be) through a partnership between the school, their homes and family, the community and the Minister under the provisions of the Education Act.

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