Programme Introduction

The Sports Performance Programme (SPP) was established to identify, develop and educate students who we believe have the potential to perform at the highest level in their chosen sport and gain representative honours during their time at King’s High School.

The SPP is based on the Lions’ Athlete Development Programme (LADP). The aim is to educate and implement a holistic curriculum to encourage healthy activity, impart life skills, develop a long- term enjoyment of sports and provide our gifted athletes the tools that will help them perform at an elite level.

The three key areas of focus for the Lion Athlete Development Programme are:

  1.  Physical Conditioning Programme
  2. The Body and Performance
  3. Strategic Planning

It is well documented that participation in a holistic programme provides excellent preparation by incorporating the above components, and supports performance at the highest level. This involves input from teachers, regional sporting bodies, High Performance Sports New Zealand, tertiary institutions and friends of the school. These specialist individuals and organisations deliver presentations that highlight key strategies students can use to improve their sporting preparation and performance.

Boys in Years 9 to 13 participate in their respective SPP. All sports will have programmes for year 9 and 10 students and some codes may include programmes for years 11 to 13. The six sports currently identified as performance sports at King’s are: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby, and Touch.

The Programme educates and develops approximately 200 boys across these year groups.

The Lions’ Way was developed to implement the behaviours and values King’s believe to be important for the enjoyment and success of a sport.


  1. Honesty in all dealings
  2. Perseverance to achieve goals
  3. “We before Me “mentality
  4. Attitude before Aptitude
  5. Accountability

If a student fails to comply with the behaviours and values expected of him he may be excluded from the programme. All those in the SPP are expected to attend their classes and come prepared to work hard physically and mentally with a positive attitude. High standards and adherence to The Lions’ Way are expected of all students at all times.

Some sessions are run during school time and if a student misses a timetabled class he must catch up on work missed. Failure to do so, or make appropriate arrangements with his teacher may result in a temporary exclusion from the Programme. If it is a regular occurrence the student may be excluded permanently for the season. This will be at the discretion of the Head of Sport Performance.

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