Anh's Story (English)

Anh HaHello, my name is Anh Ha. I’m the first Vietnamese student that has studied at King’s High School for quite some time. I arrived in Dunedin at the beginning of Term 3 this year, and I’m really enjoying King’s and this beautiful city.

It has been nearly a month since I arrived here. I was so surprised with the new environment, my new school full of boys, Kiwi culture, lifestyle…and the differences from my home country- Vietnam. I made a lot of new friends very quickly, on the the first day. My classmates are very friendly and, together with my teachers, have helped me a lot in my studies. Every Friday after school, my friends and I always practice basketball together in the gym.

Anh Ha 2Next year is going to be a big year for me because I’ll start to work on NCEA. My subjects I am studying are Math, English, Science, Accounting, Geography and Economics. I believe it’s going to be a year that I learn a lot and do well.

Dunedin is a beautiful city! Before coming here, I thought it’s very small and boring but NO! Dunedin is treating me so well. Every weekend, my home-stay family take me to the city centre and I explore the city and enjoy the weather. I like having lunch at Subway every Saturday. We have a very small community of Vietnamese people here and we all like food and travelling. Recently, we went to the beach, enjoyed the wind, the smell of the sea and we took lots of nice photos.

Anh Ha 3Looking back, I think that it’s a right decision to go to Dunedin instead of USA. I have been to many cities, states in the US but most of the cities I went to was crowded. They are very different from this friendly, small city.

Looking toward my future, I think I’ll finish my high school here at King’s High School. After I finish high school I’m thinking about attending Otago University right here in Dunedin. I really like the differences and after 3 and a half years here in Dunedin, I don’t think that I will want to move to another city or country for higher education. I hope to see you soon at Kings!

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