Academic Overview

The primary aim at King’s High School is classroom success. Our principal focus and consideration is ensuring that all students attain personal excellence in their academic pursuits. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate this learning.

In the junior school our curriculum is a relatively traditional one. In Year 9 students are exposed to a wide range of subjects so they can make informed choices about their preferred options in Year 10.

The subject areas in the senior school are wide and varied, and reflect the school’s ability to provide the course of choice for all boys. English and Mathematics are compulsory at Years 11 and 12, and English is compulsory at Year 12. If a particular course is difficult to accommodate, the boys have the opportunity to work at Queen’s High School.

At King’s High School we believe strongly in providing for all the academic needs of our boys and we continue to offer the widest range of subjects of any school in our area.

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