Option Choices

Students are invited to enter his option choices for the following year via the school's KAMAR Web Portal. This section is made available under both parent and student logins for a limited time during the coursing window in Term 3 each year to collect their option choices and we encourage you to be involved in the decision making process.

Information about the available subjects can be found in the digital handbooks at the bottom of this page, or by clicking on the subject name while making subject choices.

The KAMAR portal link can be accessed via the mortar board icon on our navigation menu (the right of the bottom three icons) on the school website or by navigating directly to https://portal.kingshigh.school.nz.

Your son will already know his personal username and password as it is the same as his login at school.

If there are any problems we encourage students and parents to seek out the appropriate Year Level Assistant Principal to have choices entered manually.

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