Water Polo has a prestigious history. It is one of the Olympic Team Sports and has been played at the Modern Olympics since 1896. Swimming is an integral part of the game so strength in this discipline serves you well.


         1sts -  Otago Secondary School’s Champions.

         2nds - 4th in the Otago Secondary School’s competition

         3rds - 6th  in the Otago Secondary School’s competition  

         1sts -  4th at the South Island Secondary School’s

         1sts - Winners of the Plate final at the Division 2 Nationals in     Rotorua

Nathan Martin made the NZ Junior Men's Water Polo team and was a non-travelling reserve for the NZ Secondary Schools' Boys' Water Polo team.


     1sts  Otago Secondary Schools Champions.   

     2nds - 4th in the Otago Secondary Schools competition

     3rds - 5th  in the Otago Secondary Schools competition

     1sts - 3rd at the South Island Secondary Schools competition

     Jr. 1sts - 4th  at the South Island Secondary Schools competition

In 2020 we welcome our new Head Coach, Troy McGuinness. Troy is an accomplished player and coach and will be assisted by Nathan Martin who finished King's in 2019. Many of the players are also involved in coaching and/or refereeing.


Students compete in the local competition held at Moana Pool.  Games are played on Friday after school in Terms One and Four between 3.45 and 8.00pm.   We have three teams competing in the boys grade. 

Interschool games .v Southland Boys’ and Shirley Boys’

South Island Secondary School’s Competition

South Island Jr. Tournament 

Division 2 Nationals


Over the years that King’s has been involved in Water Polo many players have gone on to represent their province and in some instances New Zealand with varying degrees of success.   Each year King’s sends a team to the Jr. South Island Secondary School’s tournament with success.  There has been a King’s player in the tournament team for the last three years: Nathan Martin 2016, Josh McGregor 2017, and Kale Twist in 2018.  

King’s 1st and 2nds teams have competed in the Sr. South Island Secondary Schools tournament.  In 2018, the 1st team won the bronze medal and in 2019 they placed fourth. Nathan Martin was named in the tournament team in both years.    

In 2019, the 1st Lions team competed in the Division 2 Nationals in Rotorua, placing 9th and winning the plate final.   Nathan Martin was named in the New Zealand U18 Men’s Water Polo team for 2019 

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Mr Glenn Dickson
Director of Sport

Mr Dave Conrad
Manager of Sport

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