King’s High School has always been committed to promoting and embracing the Performing Arts. We recognise that students’ participation in the Performing Arts is a vital part of their learning and growth as a young man and can be a very powerful tool when it comes to building confidence, self-awareness and self-belief in a safe and creative environment. We celebrate the fact that participation in the Performing Arts addresses the “front end” of the curriculum document. It promotes understanding and encourages students to listen to their peers, discuss topics and issues in a respectful manner and to work as a member of a team.  There are a myriad of opportunities available to our students in the Performing Arts. From directing the spotlight during musical, to performing Shakespeare in Wellington, King’s will support the development of skills and talents that are required to succeed in the Performing Arts.

For more information contact:

Ms Joanna Harford
Head of Department - Drama

Ms Jo Dryden
Head of Department - Music

Mr Blair Kennedy
Head of Department - Art

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