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Nick McIvor,

Deputy Rector (Responsible for Junior School - Year 9):
Darin Smith,

Assistant Principal (Responsible for Senior School - Year 13)
Sam Fielding,
Assistant Principal (Responsible for Senior School - Year 12): 
Nic Sullivan,
Assistant Principal (Responsible for Senior School - Year 11):
Mark Greenfield,
Assistant Principal (Responsible for Junior School - Year 10):
Dave Ross, 

Heads of Department

Clark Boswell (HOD Science),
Andrew Bowen (HOD HM Technology),
Robyn Brooks, (TIC Languages),
Tracy Chipping, (HOD Commerce),
Aaron Corkhill (HOD  PE),
Simon Cushen (HOD Social Sciences),
Mark Davis (HOD Outdoor Education),
Darren Eade (HOD English),
Kate Gilmore (HOD Food and Nutrition),
Blair Kennedy (HOD Art),
John Salisbury (HOD Mathematics),
Luke Smith (HOD Digital Technology),

Pastoral Care

Year 13 Dean: Jeremy White,

Year 12 Dean: Gabriella Hyndman,

Year 11 Dean: Laura Marsh,

Year 10 Dean: Cam McPhail,

Year 9 Dean: Nick Kyle,

Academic Dean: Cam McPhail,
Maori Dean: Isaac Hensman,
Pasifika Dean: Jope Tudreu,

Hanover House Dean: Garry Turner,
Stuart House Dean: Wayne McMillan,
Tudor House Dean: Richard Lindsay,
Windsor House Dean: Bradley Scott,

Guidance Counsellors:
Holger Korth,
Sue Lewis,
James Howey,

Librarian, Debbie Vercoe,

Careers Advisor, Rachel Campbell,

Learning Support (SENCO),
Gateway / Pathways Coordinator,

Teaching Staff:
Robyn Brooks,
Tracy Chipping,
Aaron Corkhill,
Hannah Cromarty,
Simon Cushen,
Mark Davis,
Jo Dryden,
Jesse Dryden,
Darren Eade,
Jesse Farry,
Kate Gilmore,
Damien Gibson,
Tony Graham,
Kaine Harington,
Isaac Hensman,
Haji Higashitani,
Leon Horsley,
Gabriella Hyndman,
Vicki Jopson,
Ian Keiller,
Blair Kennedy,
Grant Koedyk,
Dan Koni,
Nick Kyle,
Bronwyn Lewis,
Richard Lindsay,
Laura Marsh,
Shayne Maxwell,
Andrew McKenzie,
Wayne McMillan,
Cameron McPhail,
James McPherson,
Lucy Meagher,
Sarah Paine,
Matu Pene,
Sabin Perkins,
Shea Robertson,
Lucia Rozenberg,
John Salisbury,
Bradley Scott,
Randal Scott,
Lorne Secord,
David Sefton,
Sarah Sharma,
Robin Sharma,
Luke Smith,
Bernadette Tenci,
Jackie Thomas,
Garry Turner,
David van Zanten,
Kris White,
Carol Wyvill,

Ancillary Staff:

Accounting Manager: Chris Farry,
Financial Officer: Rhonda More,
Administration and International Financial Assistant: Cursey Adie-Cropley,
Administration and Enrolments: Sue Butler,
Director of Overseas Students: Teresa Robertson,
Reprographics: Sharon Wilson,
Rector's Executive Assistant: Sandy Wallace, 
Attendance Officer: Julie Collings,

Director of Sport: Glenn Dickson,

Manager of Sport: Dave Conrad,
Property Manager: Mike Kain,
Groundsman: Michael Reggett,
Science Technician: Rhonda Redman,


Teacher Assistants:
Simon Anderson,
achel Campbell,
Helena Christie,
Niall Gregg,
Ana Lydiate,
John Scholten,
Liam Sharples,
Viv Smith,

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