Introduced in 2004, Scholarship represents the pinnacle of academic success and it is an area of strength at King’s.

Our culture of “Personal Excellence” has given every boy in our school the help and support needed to be inspired to fulfil his potential. This is reflected in our NCEA and Scholarship results, with our academic programme leading the way.  Consisting of individualised learning programmes, stand-alone Scholarship classes, a Scholarship Club and a culture that promotes self-belief and self-drive it is not difficult to see why.

To gain Scholarship is to be recognised as one of the top 3% of students in a subject field.  To gain an Outstanding Scholarship is to be recognised as one of the top 0.3% of students in a subject field.  In “real numbers” in the larger subjects this is the equivalent of being in the top 300 or top 30 respectively in the country.  A Top Scholar award is given to the best performing student in the country in the subject field each year.  A Premier Award is granted to those who achieve results placing them in the top 10 students in the country each year. 

In 2016 King’s set the benchmark for Otago schools when we became the highest performing scholarship school with a record 28 scholarships awarded.  This included an award of Top Scholar in Technology and 4 Outstanding awards.

In 2018, this number has been eclipsed again where a record 50 scholarships were awarded across 16 different subject disciplines which included a record 8 Outstanding Scholarships.  This reflects the amazing depth of talent we have within our teaching staff.

To put this number in context you need to look beyond just Otago and compare results nationally to see their significance. 

In the South Island there are 117 High Schools or Colleges in the South Island.  The 50 Scholarships placed King’s 2nd in the South Island overall, and King’s placed first 1st of all the boys’ schools in the South Island. Per head of population, King’s was the best performed school in Scholarship in the South Island.

Nationally, there are 49 boys’ schools in New Zealand.  Of those schools we placed 7th in New Zealand for the total number of scholarships.

In terms of Outstanding Scholarships, only one other school in Otago managed more than 1 while per head of population we were the best performed boys’ school in NZ in Outstanding Scholarships.

For more information about the scholarship programme please contact:

Mr Jeremy White
Academic Dean

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