How much is the school donation?

The school donation is set at $340 per student with a discount for families with two or more students.  This amount is revised annually.

Does the school have an Open Day?

We have an Open Night early in Term 3 where prospective students and their families listen to an address by the Rector and are shown around the school by students who are happy to tell you about their experience at King’s.  Students from our contributing schools also have the opportunity to spend time at King’s during the day to see the school in action and check out sport and cultural opportunities.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment with a senior staff member to look around the school, at any time.  Please telephone the office to arrange.

How many students are likely to be accepted into King's?

The exact number of places that will be offered to Year 9 students is yet to be determined.


How long do we need to have lived in the Home-zone to be eligible for Home-zone enrolment?

There is no minimum time. But we do need evidence that you are living at the address i.e. the latest electricity and telephone accounts. These are not usually available until at least a month after moving into a new property so it is best to allow a minimum of a month.

My husband and I are separated and only one of us lives in the Home-zone.  Is my son entitled to enrol as Home-zone?

This depends on where he spends the majority of his time while the school is open for instruction. In order to formally acknowledge this you will need to supply a copy of the custody agreement or other legal documentation.

Can my son live with a relation or a friend who lives within the zone?

Yes, but you may not use the Home-zone address of a relative or friend as an “address of convenience”, with no intention to live there on an ongoing basis. Before enrolment takes place (i.e. before attendance begins), if the board has reasonable grounds for believing that the given Home-zone address will not be a genuine, on-going living arrangement, the board may withdraw any offer of a place which it may have made on the basis of the given address.

Can we live in the Home-zone during the week and out of zone during the weekends?

It depends. If the family home is in the Home-zone, and some weekends are spent at a bach or holiday home, this would of course be acceptable. It is not permissible to rent or buy a property in the Home- zone with the intention of using the property to gain admission to the school and living there only part of the time.

How long do we have to stay living in the Home-zone?

There is no set time but as part of the enrolment process you are required to provide evidence of your address.  The Board has the right Under Section 11OA (1) to review the enrolment of a student it suspects of using a temporary address to gain a place at King’s.

What happens if we need to move out of zone?

If you are moving out of zone and you wish your son to remain a student at King’s you need to gain permission before you move out of zone. The Board considers such applications on a case by case basis and may either allow boys to continue at King’s or alternatively advise that a move out of zone will jeopardise continued enrolment and could lead to the enrolment being annulled.

Out of Zone

Will there be out of zone places available?

Yes, but the number will depend on the number of Home-zone applications we receive. This varies from year to year. We envisage that places will be available to out of zone year 9 students.  Consideration will also be given to other levels. These numbers will be allocated through the ballot system once Home-zone boys have been offered places.

When will we know if our application is successful?

You will be notified by early September if your application has been accepted.  Places may still be offered after this date and up to the beginning of the next academic year as Home-zone enrolments are confirmed.

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