Schedule of Fees


Tuition Four Terms $13,500.00
  Three Term $10,000.00
  Two Terms $7,500.00
  One Term $5,000.00
Outdoor Education (Years 12/13; per term) $125.00
Disbursement Fee² $600.00
Homestay³ Per week (from 2017) $240.00
Administration   $300.00
  Bond (refundable subject to no damage or unpaid debt incurred by the  Student) $500.00
Insurance Compulsory  – covers medical and personal contents, may be arranged in home country $600.00
School Uniform/Stationery $650.00
NCEA/Exam fees $400.00

¹ Your tuition fee covers: normal tuition, as many ESOL classes as your son requires during school time, access to the gymnasium, library, and computer facilities outside lesson times during school hours.

² This covers workbooks, sports fees, specialised course-related costs (eg Food and Nutrition and Technology), I.D. cards etc. (The balance will be refunded at the end of the year)

³ Homestay fees will be transferred to an automatic deductions bank account in the student’s name within 2-3 days of their arrival at school.

Payment to King’s High School for tuition  fees and homestay fees must be made by bank drafts converted into New Zealand dollars or deposited directly into our bank account: ANZ Bank,  Dunedin, New Zealand 06 0901 0630261 00


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