Volleyball is one of the best team sports you can play both socially and competitively. Once the important skills are developed, players will improve each time they play. Students usually get their first taste of Volleyball in Year 9 and 10 since it is part of the Junior Physical Education Curriculum.  Volleyball is also an exciting part of the annual Interhouse Competition which always gets lots of support. 


King's High School has teams in the Junior and Senior Sections of the local Schools’ Competition and gains a great deal of success throughout the season. All games are played at the Edgar Centre during Terms 1, 3 and 4. There is also opportunity, through qualification, to attend the South Island and National Champs each year. 


King’s High School has had many successful teams at Otago, South Island and National Championships. 

For more information contact:

Mr Glenn Dickson
Director of Sport

Mr Dave Conrad
Manager of Sport

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