Study Skills Programme

We run a 2-hour programme for Year 11 students to further develop their understanding of study and what is required in order for them to be prepared for assessments and examinations. During this session we explore; learning styles, effective note-taking techniques, study space, health and nutrition.

Students are strongly recommended to attend tutorials to get extra help as they prepare for the November NZQA examinations. Each subject area has a tutorial schedule that they will make available to students.

From Term 3, all students need a Study Plan to ensure they fit in enough revision for examinations, including the school examinations in Week 9. 
Tools available to help them are:

Students should check the NZQA Examination Timetable on the NZQA website so they know when their examinations are on in November.

They should also regularly use their Learner login on the NZQA website to check that internal assessment results are correctly recorded and that entries for externals are accurate.

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