He waka kōtuia e kore e wāwāhi - A waka correctly bound will never break apart. This is the proverb that guides us.

He Waka Kōtuia is the King’s and Queen’s High Schools Māori performing arts group. They perform traditional and contemporary songs and haka that tell the stories of our connection to our land, celebrates our ancestors and their deeds, and promotes indigenous values for the generations to come.

Annually, He Waka Kōtuia competes at Te Hautoko, showing their immense dedication to their craft and culture. In 2022, many months of practice and hard work paid off with a tightly-controlled, powerful performance. They gained first place in most categories and first place overall. This is the third consecutive win for He Waka Kōtuia at Te Hautoka and qualified the group for entry in next year’s National Competition again.

For more information contact:

Mr Isaac Hensman
Teacher in Charge

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