He waka kōtuia e kore e wāwāhi - A waka correctly bound will never break apart. This is the proverb that guides us.

We are He Waka Kōtuia, the King’s and Queen’s High Schools Māori performing arts group. We perform traditional and contemporary songs and haka that tell the stories of our connection to our land, that celebrate our ancestors and their deeds, and that promote indigenous values for the generations to come.

We have five main principles:

Rakatirataka: Chieftainship
Through traditionally based Māori cultural experiences we inspire and encourage mana enhancing behaviour that allows our young members to grow as whānau (family) leaders.

Whanaukataka: Cultural Identity
We provide opportunities to restore connection to whānau, to foster within each individual a sense of accountability for behaviours and successes back to whānau.

Manaakitaka: Generosity
We provide opportunities to enhance personal mana, to grow a strong sense of responsibility in taking care of ourselves and showing care towards others through the demonstration of aroha - respect, concern, hospitality, and the process of giving.

Te Reo Māori: The Māori Language
The language is the core of our Māori culture and mana. We are committed to facilitating opportunities that increase Māori language use among our youth and in our region.

He Manawa Titi –Perseverance
Resiliency and perseverance are qualities needed to face challenges and grow innovative solutions. We facilitate opportunities to not only discuss issues but to also action ideas to enhance whānau wellbeing within our community.

For more information contact:

Mr Isaac Hensman
Teacher in Charge

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