The Football Academy is designed to improve the skills and understanding of the younger footballer.

Skill development plus the understanding of how the game should be played is the main focus of the academy. An appreciation of the game, its philosophy and format, together with developing on field intelligence, are paramount in the everyday session at the academy. 

Areas covered in the academy include passing, shooting, dribbling, receiving, speed and endurance, team structures and understanding together with the concept of ‘valuing the ball’. The Academy is split into three age groups, Year 9, Year 10 and Senior.

Coaching is run under the guidance of Malcolm Fleming, Head coach of our football programme.  Other coaches will assist as required. 


Each Academy runs for the entire school year.  The sessions run for 1 and a half hours per week.  A portion of this is during school time while the remainder spills over to after school. 


The cost of the academy for the year is approximately $200.  This is dependent on the prices of equipment that is needed for the Academy. 


The students are assessed twice each year on their skill acquisition and development.  A written report is sent home to parents at least once during the year.

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