Nhat Tan Dylan Vo"I have grown from a child to an adult in the last few years. Now I have the strength and knowledge to deal with the challenges in my life and take responsibility for my future. You are only grown up when you accept that your future depends on you."

Nhat Tan Vo, Vietnam

Kento"I'm so glad I could spend one year of my life at King's High School. I'm proud to be a King's boy. King's has taught me many important things in a year; I will put my experience to good use in the future."

Kento Maeda, Japan


lauritz"Those 300 days away from home were the most important days of my life in terms of learning and trying and I wouldn’t have missed them for anything. This year abroad has taught me how to live my own life responsibly, which is the most important lesson for my future. Sitting here now in Starbucks for two hours, I realise those 300 days may have been the best time of my life."

Lauritz Blome, Germany

 A Parent's Perspective

First of all I want to thank all of you and your colleagues at King's High who did a tremendously warm and professional job on the time Tom stayed in Dunedin.  Already during the time he was in NZ but even more having him returned to Germany we can clearly tell he made a huge step in his development - and absolutely in the right direction.  We have sent you a boy and we have received a young man back who is well prepared for his life.  Therefore I would 100% buy into your mission statement of "Building men for life".

The family he stayed with, in combination with the approach of the school gave him an insight into a different life and lifestyle which he has not just accepted but also seen as an alternative.  His horizon is much broader and this was what we wanted to achieve.  He became much more self confident and some "wings" have grown.  Thanks again for supporting us and especially Tom in his way.

Maren Hufner, Germany

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