King’s High School has established a reputation for providing a successful and positive learning environment for all our pupils in a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting pursuits. 

We are offering 16 scholarships annually. Each scholarship is for two years (Years 9 & 10) and consists of a $300 school credit each year. 

The scholarships to be awarded are as follows: 

Academic Scholarships 

  1. The Rector’s Scholarship.
  2. The Rector’s Scholarship
  3. The ANZ Bank Scholarship
  4. The Fuji Xerox Academic Scholarship
  5. The Bob Glass Scholarship
  6. The PTSA Academic Scholarship 

Sporting Scholarships 

  1. The Brendon McCullum Summer Sports Scholarship
  2. The Ben Smith Winter Sports Scholarship
  3. The Carl Hayman Winter Sports Scholarship
  4. The Kukri Sports Scholarship
  5. The King’s High School Sports Council Scholarship
  6. The King’s High School Sports Council Scholarship 

Music/Cultural Scholarships

  1. The King’s High School P.T.S.A. Music/Cultural Scholarship
  2. The Dunedin Old Boys’ Scholarship 

All-Rounder’s Scholarship

  1. The Student Council Scholarship
  2. The Student Council Scholarship 

Once a student has enrolled at King’s High School they are then eligible to apply for one of the 16 scholarships on offer. Scholarships will be awarded at the end of Term Two.

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