2022 New Zealand & Otago Surfing Championships

Surf champs LtoR Flynn DeweyJosh Fairburn Karne Gabbott Lewis Murphy final reszied

Congratulations to these four young men who recently competed in both the Otago and New Zealand Surfing Championships:

Flynn Dewey (left): 
3rd place - U14 Otago Champs

Josh Fairbairn (2nd from left):
4th place - U16 Otago Champs

Karne Gabbott (2nd from right):
2nd place - U16 Otago Champs
4th place - U18 Otago Champs

Lewis Murphy (right)
3rd place - U18 NZ Champs
2nd place - U18 Otago Champs

An outstanding effort by these young men, some of whom are competing at a higher age level.