Martial Arts

There are many Martial Arts participants who attend King's High School, ranging from Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Judo, Kendo, Boxing and Wrestling.


Students participate in the competitions that each of their respective codes hold. A national title in these can lead to students gaining a Silver (a special award made by the school), for their achievements. These need to be at a national ranked tournament.


Many successful Martial Artists have attended King's and gained a high level of success in their sports, with many gaining Black Belt grades while at school. Tuari Dawson is a fourth Dan Karate Black Belt running his own club in Wellington, as well as teaching the traditional Maori art of Taiaha. His younger brother Hemi Dawson was a nationally ranked wrestler, as was Aaron Miller, who won the Salter Trophy in 2000. 

Blake Tomlinson and Daniel Kerr, both Tae Kwon Do exponents at school, have shifted to Thailand where they are involved in Muay Thai. Both have both fought professionally. Daniel Kerr has also been involved in the K1 circuit.

For more information contact:

Mr Glenn Dickson
Director of Sport

Mr Dave Conrad
Manager of Sport

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