Parent, Teacher, Student Association (P.T.S.A.) Information

Who we are

The King's High School P.T.S.A. committee includes parents/caregivers of current students, a teacher representative and two student representatives. We organize fundraising, apply for grants and host social occasions at the request of the school.

Our meetings

The PTSA meets on the second Wednesday of every month. Meetings alternate between being held from 7-8pm at the school library, or from 6pm at Robbies Bistro and Bar on Macandrew Road (followed by dinner at 7pm).

Attending PTSA meetings is a great way of finding out what's happening at your son's school.  These meetings are often attended by a student representative, a teacher representative and the Deputy Rector.

The meetings are an opportunity for parents to hear first hand from the staff and student representatives about what is happening in the school. It is also an opportunity to discuss and have input into ways the P.T.S.A. can support the school, to ask questions of staff and student representatives and to get to know other parents who are also keen to make a contribution to their son’s learning at King’s.

Meeting dates

Every second Wednesday of the Month except in School holidays
Check out our facebook page to get updates for the meetings under Kings High School P.T.S.A Dunedin

Our Role, Funds and Fundraising

Each year families are asked to make a donation to the P.T.S.A. This is a significant part of our income and together with money raised from other fundraising events and grant applications, it allows us to make purchases which benefit the school as a whole.
Another integral part of the P.T.S.A.'s role is to assist at school functions such as the Open Night, Sports Awards and Prize-Giving. The P.T.S.A. members make a significant contribution to running the social aspects of these events and our support is always much appreciated by the school.

New Members

We always welcome new members, either on the committee to assist with our various projects. Anyone who has a son at the school is welcome to attend our meetings and it is up to each individual to contribute to our projects according to time and ability.

Our Communication

We have a Facebook page where upcoming events, ideas and issues can be discussed in an informal way or you can leave a message on the board. Kings High School P.T.S.A Dunedin or a website with more pictures and info under
If you would like to be involved in the P.T.S.A. or find out more information please contact:
Secretary: Marcella Hoedemaker –; 022-134-4029
Chairperson:  Paula Benson-Gamble -; 027-565-6127

Second Hand Uniforms

We have a second hand uniform shop with buy/sell and exchange options, please note, we do not accept Blazers. For more information contact the 2nd Hand Uniform Shop Manager: Jeanette Tromop -; 027-279-4617.

P.T.S.A. School Support in 2015

Our funding round this year provided monies funds towards the following:

  • Chef uniforms and new laundering equipment for Food Tech group
  • LED lights and Sound system for the PAC
  • 2nd hand laptop computers for Special Education
  • Science Sensors

We finalised the handover of over $17,000 towards a classroom set of IPads - courtesy of our successful Kings Karnival in 2014.

And this year we continued to support students with a P.T.S.A. Academic Scholarship, a P.T.S.A. Music/Cultural Scholarship and substantial P.T.S.A. prizes.


P.T.S.A. School Support in 2014

We had two fundraisers this year:

  • The 'Pink Bag' collection in July
  • The first King's Karnival - Fair and Games in September 
    We were amazed at the huge support we received from our business community and parents (see details below).

Both proved to be a great success and the funds were used for:

  • The "Pink Bag' money raised will now ensure the new scoreboard for the gymnasium.
  • The funds we raised through the King's Karnival will be used to purchase a classroom set of I Pads to be used during class time, under the supervision of a teacher.
  • We also support the school with two Scholarships and a substantial P.T.S.A. prize every year.

P.T.S.A. School Support in 2013

We had several small requests:

  • A new scoreboard for the gymnasium

We bought:

  • 2 Sponsorships - We added a second scholarship (for Academic Achievements) in addition to our annual sponsorship of “The King’s High School P.T.S.A. Music/Cultural Scholarship”
  • Books for special reading support
  • Robotic kit

2013 Fundraising and Community Events:

  • Participation in ‘Beef Study’ at Otago University
  • 'Pink Bag' Recycled Clothing Collection
  • Book Sale at Farmers Market
  • Grant Application
  • ‘Big Picture’ Movie night – Movie about Dyslexia

P.T.S.A. School Support in 2012

The P.T.S.A fundraising efforts for the past couple of years resulted in the purchase of the

  • King's High School Bus

Other support:

  • King's Student Calendars
  • Sponsorship

2012 Fundraising and Community Events:

  • Quiz Night at the Kensington,  
  • King's High School Car Show, an extraordinary Moo Poo raffle
  • School raffles 
  • Book sales at the Craft Show

Our Sponsors in the Community
King's Karnival

The success of our King's Karnival was only made possible through the help of all our sponsors and also through the extraordinary help from parents and students.

Gold Sponsor: ANZ Dunedin

Silver Sponsor: Bunnings Warehouse

Bronze Sponsors

  • Flax Café – for the coffee and barista training of our boys on the day – was very well received
  • Toll Transport
  • Grahame Sydney – for providing a fabulous print and for
  • Imagine Photographics – for framing it
  • Carbase, Kia
  • Mitre 10 - for the bouncy castle
  • IR Thermal Imaging
  • Dexion Supply Centre
  • Diesel Transport Services
  • Humanimals – for providing materials and prizes for the Kings Games
  • Stationery Warehouse - for the printing of our A2
  • Fuji Xerox for the printing - of our A3, A4 and A5 letter drops
  • Phantom Billstickers – to hang up about 40 A2 posters
  • Adams Flaggs
  • Queens High School - for access to some of their equipment
  • Otago Packaging
  • Robertson Meats
  • Otago Packaging
  • Fresh Choice
 Advertising - support in 'The Star' Feature on 11th September

  • Brian Greer – Loan Market
  • Carpet Court
  • GCAuto Ltd
  • Harcourts, Mark and Penny Laughton
  • Kitchen Revamped
  • KJ Mac Contracting, Kevin MacLeod
  • Mr Heat Pump Cleaner
  • Murray Turner Decorators

Also thanks for items for the Auctions

  • Grahame Sydney
  • Anne Baldock
  • Gemma Baldock
  • Ita Daniels
  • Maria Kemp
  • Martin Montgomery – Metro Realty Ltd
  • Oil Changers
  • Southern Honda

Thanks to Callum Proctor for auctioneering.

'Thanks' to our Dunedin Tourist Attraction Providers

  • Dunedin Chinese Garden
  • Nature’s Wonderland
  • Olveston Historic Home
  • Otago Museum Discovery World Tropical Forest
  • Otago Peninsula Trust
  • Tairei Gorge Railway
  • toitu – Otago Settlers Museum
'Thank you' to all other Dunedin Businesses for vouchers and products for the chocolate wheel and tombola

  • Adams Flaggs
  • Alex Campbell Menswear
  • Arthur Barnett
  • Aurora Café
  • Azurlis skin care products
  • Bakers Dozen
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Cooke Howlison Truck Shop
  • Bike Barn
  • Blackstone Bar & Café
  • Blue Water Products
  • Blue Wave Body Clinic
  • Brocklebanks Dry Cleaning
  • Chisholm Park Golf
  • Dunedin City Motors
  • Ellis Fibre
  • Filadelfios – The Terminus
  • Forbury Pharmacy
  • Fortune Theatre
  • Four Square Dunedin
  • Garden Place Mosgiel
  • Heinz Watties
  • Just Cuts
  • JR’s Pantry
  • Kristine Proctor
  • Lavish Beauty
  • Mantis Systems Ltd
  • Megazone
  • Meridian Mall Pharmacy
  • Mitre 10
  • Moana Pool
  • Monarch Wildlife Cruise & Tours
  • Mosgiel Flight Centre
  • Kristina and Greg Quinn
  • Mudpuppy
  • Musselburgh Pharmacy
  • Nevill Studios limited
  • Otago Packing supplies
  • Paper Plus
  • Para Rubber
  • Pitt Stop Café
  • Queens High School
  • Rockgas
  • South City Unichem
  • Southern Honda
  • St Clair Four Square Dunedin
  • St Clair Golf Club – Neil Metcalfe training Lessons
  • St Kilda Tavern
  • Starfish Café & Bar
  • The Kitchen
  • The Topiary Café
  • Toyota – Cooke Howlison
  • United Video
  • Vanda Symon
  • Video Ezy Mosgiel
  • VTNZ
  • Wal’s Plant Land
  • Waterloo Hotel
  • Wendy’s Supa Sundaes
  • Who Ate All The Pies?
  • Williams Signs
  • Zaibatsu

 Please contact us if you wish to support us in the future.

2013 Support for 'Families in Need'

  • Pack’N Save
  • South Dunedin Countdown
  • Grocery King

2012 Support for the King's High School Car Show

  • Valley Crates Industries,
  • ENZED Total Hose and Fittings ,
  • Otago Glass,
  • Frozen Direct 
  • Independent Welding for their direct support right from the start.
Advertising was sponsored by
  • Fuji Xerox for printing
  • Classic Hits advertised through their radio station 
  • The Star increased size and colour of our add.
Other product sponsors were
  • McKindlay Footwear
  • Otago Tyres
  • Kensington Tui Club Rooms
  • Autocare Workshops
  • Lincoln Electric
  • The Tool Shop
  • Metro Real Estate 
  • Kelly Ellison


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