Florian Foerster


Hi everyone, my name is Florian. I’m an international student from Switzerland. I am very interested in science, photography and all kinds of sports. I am visiting King’s High School for six months and whilst I am here I am studying Physics, Photography, Outdoor Education, Chemistry and Physical Education. King’s is able to offer me all the things I love doing within my subjects.

florian story1I am very lucky to have a great host family. Just like me, they love nature and the outdoors. Almost every weekend we do some kind of trip. I adore to go biking on the Otago Peninsula!

florian story2Recently we went on a hiking trip in Mt Cook National Park, I really enjoyed this and the scenery was amazing! My stay here has been a great opportunity to see such wonderful places on the other side of the world to where I live.

I also really enjoy the small things in NZ. Things like watching the sunset at the beach with my new friends or the smiles of all the very friendly kiwi people. I will never forget my time here in New Zealand!

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