The Rock Performance Academy has been running since 2015. Students who have a specific interest in rock music and other contemporary genres are invited to audition for the Academy. Students are then selected, bands are formed and the work begins.The goal of the Academy is to develop and guide emerging young musicians in the junior school. Students will gain knowledge enabling them to communicate and express themselves through their interest for music as a band. The course runs throughout the year for one period per week.

Firstly, the students get to grips with band dynamics through learning and performing covers. They then tackle writing original songs under the guidance of their teacher. Later on, students record and mix their completed songs and look at how to market their band locally. During these processes students will gain valuable skills and knowledge which they can then apply to their music studies and also to their everyday lives. Each band will be encouraged to perform for an audience regularly during the year.

For more information contact:

Ms Jo Dryden
Head of Department - Music

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