Young New Zealanders' Challenge / Duke of Edinburgh scheme involves a number of challenges designed to bring out the best in our young men. Whilst planning and undertaking an expedition is still the key part of the scheme, participants must demonstrate a well-rounded approach to everything they do. 

This includes learning new skills, community service and sports. The emphasis is not about being best, but being the best you can be. 

From the The Young New Zealanders' Challenge Website:
"The great thing about the Challenge is that you make the decisions about the activities that you pursue. You can follow activities that you may already be involved in or take up something new that you have always wanted to try. This also means that you are not competing with anyone else for the award, it’s about achieving your own goals. You can develop new skills while having fun and meeting new people."

For more information contact:

Mr Aaron Everett
Teacher in Charge

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