King's High School Charitable Trust

trustimageThe King’s High School Charitable Trust was set up because many of us who have a vested interest in King’s know that funding for state schools has fallen well behind what it costs to run a good school.

Many who have attended King’s gained from the encouragement and opportunities they received as they grew up at King’s and now, it’s time to give back.

We give to our families; to community; sports and cultural clubs; to churches, and to our respected charities.  In the same way, King’s needs our financial support, not least because it’s ours but because no-one else will take the necessary steps to ensure that the special character of King’s is never lost.  It’s over to us.

The Trust aims to generate and preserve a capital fund from which the income may be used to cover the cost of a wide range of priority projects within King’s, such as maintaining and improving facilities, enhancing academic and co-curricular programmes, and enriching learning experiences.   

The Trust also acts as a fundraising vehicle for higher cost projects (e.g. buildings) for which state funding is either non-existent or inadequate.

Thus, the Trust Board is appealing to past and present students, staff, parents, business partners and friends of the School.  Together, all of us can ensure that King’s can continue to confidently uphold its commitment to Building Men for Life.

Dan Reddiex

Old Boys’ Database

Over recent months a database of King’s Old Boys has been developed.  Our aim is to keep in touch with our alumni through our Charitable Trust Newsletter and other events via e-mail (our preference) or post. 

Please help us by adding or up-dating your contact details.  Using your networks to promote the trust will assist us greatly, as will providing contact details of other Old Boys you are in contact with.  This would be greatly appreciated.

E-mail us,

Contact the school office, 0064 (0) 3 455-7547 ext. 8893

Write to us, King’s High School Charitable Trust, 270 Bay View Road, Dunedin 9012

How you can help the trust

You can support the school through the King’s High School Charitable Trust by:

  • Giving as generously as you can, spreading your contributions over several years if that helps.
  • Approaching other Old Boys or Friends of the School to see if they are willing to support the school.
  • Helping us build the Old Boys’ database by passing on contact details of other Old Boys.
Levels of Membership, which change with cumulative giving, are as follows:
Level of Membership
Total Value of donations made



Up to $ 100


Associate Member

$ 100—$ 750



$ 750—$ 5,000



$ 5,000—$25,000



$ 25,000—$ 100,000



$ 100,000 or more

Registration of Gift

Please click the link below to complete a Registration of Gift Form. 

King’s High School Charitable Trust Registration of Gift Form

AP Form

Please click the link below if you would prefer to set up a regular automatic payment over an extended period.

King’s High School Charitable Trust AP Form

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