Year 13 Chemistry

The Year 12 course is continued and extended in order to further the knowledge of how matter is rearranged to suit our purposes. Passes in the majority of the Year 12 Achievement Standards are required. This course is very difficult to pick up at this level unless the student is highly motivated and scientifically aware.

The course will cover Achievement Standards:

3.1 Practical Investigation
3.2 Spectroscopic Analysis
3.3 Chemical Processes in Our World
3.4 Structure and Bonding / Thermochemistry
3.5 Organic Chemistry
3.6 Aqueous Equilibrium Principles
3.7 Oxidation-Reduction

Skills such as observation of chemical experiments, report writing and organisation of information, interpretation and communication of chemical information and ability to work in groups in laboratory are used.


Four hours per week for the entire year.


The content is examined externally with 10 or 15 credits available and the skills are internally assessed with 9 or 10 credits available for NCEA.



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